Hidden Fields in Tasks

Hello, i have a question.
Im searching solutuion to hide some fields in tasks.
Many people see tasks, but i need to put"price" field but i don want to show this field for others, they don’t need to know about this. Please help.
Best Regards from Poland :slight_smile:

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Hi @Karol_Pm

I think the way to handle this is to create a project that is private to only yourself or the specific users who you want access to the Price field.

You then add the relevant task to that project and update the Price field. You should then be able to update the field and only you and members of the private project should be able to see the price.

Give it a try before rolling out to make sure I have got it right…


Yes, but for now, I have to add people who need to finish added job.I can add subtasks, but “workers” they can enter the main tasks and see price field and that’s i need to hide.

@Jason_Woods, I believe that anyone who can see the task can see all custom fields for the task.


Hi @Karol_Pm . Jumping in here to explain what @Jason_Woods is also describing. One option would be to have “Client x - internal” project which is worked only by your team (which includes a field for “Price”) and then duplicate the key tasks or milestones for “client x - viewed” project (without the field “Price”). Since tasks can be assigned to multiple projects (up to 20), this would allow you to update both projects key tasks at the same time and allow private tasks or conversations to happen internally. Also, since fields are project specific…they won’t be automatically shared. Hope this helps.

@Bernie_Orelup and @Karol_Pm

As I wrote above, it doesn’t work that way:

More specifically, if the fields have no value the client (“client x - viewed”) won’t see them, but once there’s a value, the client will see them. They will be greyed out and unchangeable except that oddly when hovered a trash can icon appears beside the field with a tooltip that says you can delete the field. You can’t actually delete the field, but clicking will clear the value but not delete the field. (This behavior doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s how it works.)

You can’t hide fields; they appear with the task, so task access means fields access.

If it helps, you can hide parent tasks: For any asks in client x internal project, add subtasks and home them to the client x viewed project. They’ll appear there, of course, and the parent will appear as “Private Task” and will not be clickable by the client. In case that helps…


Hi @lpb. I stand corrected! Thanks. Sorry @Karol_Pm for the misdirection. All the fields associated to the task are indeed seen within the task details. This is how you can have up to 20 fields per project, but 60 per task!

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Thanks, @Bernie_Orelup. And re that last bullet (5 fields in your task list)–that limit has been increased to 20 now I think.


@lpb thanks for that Larry,

My apologies @Karol_Pm hopefully I didn’t steer you done the wrong path…

So not much of a way for a work around at the moment…


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Thank you for helping.
I hope they will introduce it someday because it is an important solution.