Limit Task Access Within a Project

I am new to Asana and working on some projects where we will invite our clients to collaborate in Asana. I saw that you can share individual tasks or full projects, but is there a way to share an overall project but limit the visibility of some of the tasks?

I am basically looking for something akin to user roles, where, for example, the client has permission to see any tasks marked as ‘everyone’ but not to see tasks marked as ‘internal.’

What would be the best way to approach this in Asana?

Hello @Jeff_Rose, welcome to the Asana Forum.
If you share project with someone then he can access to all tasks inside.

You can use rules inside projects and create something like this:
“custom_field_access set as everyone” → rule: add to another project “everyone can see”
Here you can find more information:
rules - Rules • Asana
project permissions - Project permissions | Product guide • Asana

Let me know if you need some more clarifications with that.

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This looks like exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!