Hello Everyone. I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to limit access/abilities in Asana. For example, I am in a group and can immediately join a project without permission from the Project Owner. Then once I have joined I can change the permissions for others, for example I can go and change a team member’s permissions from “can edit” to just “can comment.” And I can do this all without the project owner’s approval. Has anyone figured out how to restrict certain permissions/abilities?

I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

There are some permission controls, but not a lot. At then end of they this is a tool to help with collaboration, but I do understand the desire to keep some things locked down. There are some options available.

Here is a quick summary.

  • You can set a Team as Hidden, Membership By Request, Public to Organization.
    • Use Hidden if you don’t want people outside of the Team to see it.
    • Use Membership By Request if you want people to know about the Team, but only join if specifically invited or their request to join is granted.
    • Make Public if you want anyone to be able to see and join the Team.
  • You can set a Project as Private to Project members or Public to the Team.
    • Use Private to Project members, if you only want Project members to be able to see the Project.
    • Use Public to the Team, if you want everyone in the Team to be able to see the Project and join it.
  • You can set members of a Project to Can Comment or Can Edit
    • Use Can Comment to allow them to post comments, and other minor changes to Tasks, but they won’t be able to change Project membership as well as a number of other changes.
    • Use Can Edit if you want them to be able to make any Project or Task changes they want.

You can also poke small holes in these rules. For example you add someone as a collaborator of Task that isn’t a member of a Private Project or a member of a Hidden Team, without that user having access to anything but the Task.

There is more info in these Asana help pages.


Thank you so much Vince. This was exactly what I was looking for. I am sorry you had to type that all out when Asana already had the guides up that I missed. I really appreciate you taking the time though, thank you again.


No problem. This is one of the more difficult areas of Asana to understand and then apply to your organizations needs.

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