Multi Homed Tasks with different Teams

Hello Hive Mind!

For context, we are currently a company of 40 starting to branch into Teams within our Asana Org (Premium)

We currently have one project for the company that only contains a multi-homed task from active projects (we call them placeholders) This project acts as a dashboard for project updates.

My question is:
If Project X is created in Team Sales, can I multi-home its placeholder into our dashboard project in Team Main?

I guess a clearer way to articulate this is: Can tasks be multi-homed across an organization?


Hi @Morgan,

Definitely! Tasks can be multi-homed across multiple different teams.


Thanks Phil!

Would it be correct to say that IF you are a member of an organization with full access then you’d have full access to other teams within the same org (search, for example) ? Provided of course items aren’t private?


Not necessarily; you won’t have access to a team unless its privacy level is set to “Public to organization”.

The whole area of permissions and privacy can get a bit complex and is governed by a variety of different settings. Here’s a good post to read on the subject; and I especially encourage reading the pages in the Asana documentation that are linked-to within the post:

Also, while you didn’t mention guest users, if you will have any guests, you might be interested in this post which discusses what a guest can and can’t access in different scenarios: