Multi-home questions

Working across 2 Teams, and getting our feet wet with Asana as a tool. We had some questions on duplicate projects/reporting:

  • Can we create a Task that shows up in multiple Teams (multi-home) and editing/working within the task reflects in all of the Projects that they live? Even across different Teams?

  • If a multi-homed task is across two teams (say, Marketing and Sales), does it - and all subsequent data - show up separately in Reports?

Hello @Kyle_Johnston, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Yes it is basically one task that just shows up in various projects if you multi-home it. The projects can be in any time within your org.

If you prepare a report in project A it will consider all data from project A.
You can also set up filters, etc
You can also set up reports that consider tasks from various projects. More info: Reporting • Asana Product Guide

Does that help?

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Yes, this is helpful! More for our own consideration. Our team has had issues with duplicating tasks, which has muddled both efficiency and reporting. But it sounds like just multi-homing them will reduce that clutter

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Yeah multi-homing tasks is a great feature :slight_smile:

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