Confidential tasks and notes from people outside of the organization.

We do a lot of project sharing with individuals outside of our organization so we can both keep track of statuses in real time. However, we would also like to have some tasks in a project that are only visible to individuals inside our own organization.

I’ve seen this option on subtasks, but it’s fairly ambiguous and doesn’t seem to be available on actual tasks (Notes section where it says “Only members of this field’s project can see this field”, in case the image doesn’t come through):
Screenshot 2023-09-28 113549

However, ideally we would like to exclude outside participants from seeing some internal tasks. Is this possible at this time?

In the description of public tasks you can @mention a task in a private project and it will appear as “Private link” to those without access.

But otherwise, those who can see a project can see tasks and subtasks in the project.

Another approach is to have a two-projects pair, Internal and External, with a rule to automatically multi-home appropriate tasks to External as you work in Internal.



Thank you for the response! The first part makes sense. However, can you elaborate on the second recommendation? Or are there articles that describe this?

This should help:



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