Restrict access permissions to your own project


  1. I need task assignees to be able to view and edit all custom fields in their tasks
  2. But I also don’t want them to be able to view or edit custom fields in same-project tasks belonging to different assignees

Adding someone as a Guest solves 2 but not 1
Adding someone as a Project Member solves 1 but not 2

What’s the easiest way to solve both?

Welcome, @Mark_Nazzal,

I think you can solve both needs if none are project members except you and the project is private, or the project is public to a private team.

Those (Asana Guests or Members) who you assign to a task will be able to view and edit custom fields in their task. They won’t be able to view or edit other tasks in this project.

Those with access to tasks in this project won’t see them in a project context. They’ll appear in their My Tasks, and could appear in search results, and could appear in another project, perhaps one specific to them if you desire, with “multi-homing” (add task to another project).

Hope that helps,


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Thank you very much. You saved me days of hacking!

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I have the same issue but the steps above is not working