I want to hide the 'Hours' allocated to Tasks from our Board Guests...

Hi, we are looking to have our clients collaborate with us on Asana boards for project management and avoid the dreaded email default that often arises between our team and clients.

Everything we have set up is working great, however we are also using the ‘Hours’ field/system to help us manage our scheduling and also with time tracking. In essence, each task is assigned an ‘Hours’ estimate; for which we then apply it to scheduling for each member within our team and workload management.

One thing though that we want to avoid is our clients being able to view this ‘Hours’ field from the tasks. It isn’t really a relevant field that we want them to be able to access.

Is there a way to create conditional views for these fields within a task for Guests? After some research we are yet to find this answer.

Any help appreciated, or if impossible we suggest this being considered for a feature request.

Hi @Brent_Kendall, welcome to the forum!

It’s currently not possible to hide specific custom fields allocated to tasks from Guests, if they are member of the project and team. What you can do is share individual tasks with Guest instead of inviting them to the entire project or team. By doing so, they won’t be able to see your project custom fields but just the task description, assignee, comments and collaborators.

You can learn more about how to control Guests access in your Organization in this article.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!