Assignment Suggestion - Only see those with access to the project under Assign

I’m using Asana to work with clients and manage my workload. Companies 1 and 2 each have their own team and projects, so Company 1 can only see its own projects and tasks, as can Company 2.

The issue is that when in one of those projects, I can still see all users appear when I go to assign a task in a project; I don’t just see the people with access to that project.

Is there a toggle that can be developed as a quick win to enable/disable this, so I only see the people with access to the project in the dropdown menu?

The reason for this request is in this example, I have two clients with the same first name. As a result, it would be very easy to assign the case to the wrong person, thus potentially sharing information with them in error that they shouldn’t have access to (and that’s an absolute no-go when it comes to GDPR).

I can see this as being a big issue for other clients as well as ourselves. Does anyone else have any thoughts to share on this?

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