Assignee field should only show members of a project or team

I have one main implementation team and several projects within this team. Each project contains it’s own set of individual users from their respective groups. Both projects are private and when I’m in either project and I go to assign a user in a task, as soon as I start typing the suggestive list displays users and their email addresses from other projects. This is a big security concern since we’re not to keen on having our clients know that we also work with their competitors. Please address this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hi @Petros_Martirosian and thanks for reaching out!

I believe you’re seeing all members for both private projects because you’re a member of both projects. However, if your colleagues have only be added to the project they should be working on, they should not be able to see each other in the Assignee drop-down menu!

Hello Marie and thank you for your reply.

I understand that that is the systems current behavior. We’re looking for an option to restrict displaying users outside of that project when clicking in the assign field. Is this possible?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have such an option at the moment @Petros_Martirosian but I see where you’re coming from; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future. In the meantime, feel free to hit the “Vote” button at the top of this thread! :slight_smile:

Asana allows to create multiple projects. I have two main use cases with Asana : first is using it with my team, so basically, I invite all the teammembers on the general board team. The 2nd use case is more specific : every time I have a project (let’s call it project A) going on with partners, I create a specific public project, where I give a specific access to all the project members. It’s an interesting option as it is still public to each member of my team, and I grant limited access to the project A members.

Problem is the following : every time I want to assign a task to someone on Asana, the options available include every people who has access to our workspace, whether it’s the entire workspace (my team members) or the people of specific project (project A).

Is it possible to display, in the assignee function, only the people who are concerned by the project. I don’t know what happens when, by mistake, you assign a task in a private project or a public project to someone who has limited access, and who has not usually access to this project : does it make the whole project accessible to this member ?

Anyway, I think it would be interesting to display only the people who are actually allowed to view the project, otherwise, it could be potentially prejudicial.

Ps: Sorry, couldn’t explain it in a shorter way for such a simple request :slight_smile:



If you assign a task belonging to a private project to a person who is not a member of this project, then this person will only see the task without any information about the project. The project bubble indication will be absent for this person, as if the task was not belonging to any project. And this person won’t see the whole project.



Hi folks! Merging this post with Assignee field should only show members of a project or team as they are very similar!

Hey there! First time writing here :wave:

Use case:
So we have this setup of internal and client asana where in the internal are all team members working on dev, design etc and the client asana is where we communicate with our clients (if that’s not obvious).

So I was assigning tasks internally left and right but a few times in a row I accidentally assigned an internal task to a client because the names match almost fully. I quickly removed the assignee, collaborator, history and all, but it’s really stressful and easy to miss.

I don’t know how many have this workflow, but I believe it’s not too rare. And having ALL members from ALL asana projects show up is indeed a recipe for disaster. You can easily see how a bad comment read by a client can make things go bad because the names match and the avatars are simple. People make mistakes

Proposed solution
All I can think of is the ability to limit what people show up in the @ mentions, Assignee dropdown etc.

When you WANT to mention someone not in a project, Asana will ask you to confirm if this is what you want. It will do it every time you mention/assign or whatever. It will also pop an option to add this person to the project or have a checkbox “don’t ask me again for X on project Y”.

This alone will remove the stress. It adds an additional step, but to me it makes perfect sense. Not in the project? Most likely there is a reason. You add it? Most likely this is a mistake, but if not - sure go ahead, just letting you know!

Thank you all for your time!


Welcome to the Forum @Alex_Dimitrov and thank you so much for taking time to share this great feedback! I completely understand what you have described. Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future.

I just want to let you know that we already have a thread on the Forum regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope that is OK.

Have a great Friday! :smiley:

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Thank you Natalia :slight_smile:

I searched a first to see similar thread but didn’t find, though I guessed there would be such. Looking how old this thread here is, is this something we could expect in a year or so or you’re not doing estimates?

Been thinking for an extension substitute in the mean time :3

Stay awesome!

Has this been implemented yet? This is a giant disaster when working with numerous clients and sooo many emails.


I am experiencing this as well and find it frustrating as private projects / permissions is one of the reasons we picked Asana recently.

This seems like a product display bug that should just be fixed versus feedback to be voted on. Asana’s documentation says that only the project members can see a private project. The problem appears to be exactly what the title of this thread is “Assignee field showing members from other private projects”. As far as I can tell, from testing, if you accidentally assign a task to a user from another private project, they won’t actually get access. I think the assignee field in a private project should just display the members of that private project and no one else. Hopefully an easy fix for the Asana dev team :slight_smile:

Should this be moved to

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I have multiple projects with multiple members. Private and Public projects alike.
Whenever I assign someone to a task, i get a list of members from EVERY project in Asana. This is a problem especially when I’m assigning a task to a common name. At the moment, there are about 4 Chris in my task list.

The second part of the reason for the request, though not a deal breaker but it could be, when sharing my screen, the client can see all the users in that list as I type the name i’m looking for. Again, this one isn’t such a big deal, but it would be nice that all they see is there co-workers and not potentially a competitor, former employee or another unwanted case.

Please consider a functionality/feature that will allow me to filter that list based on my current team or project.

As a project admin/owner/leader, I want a feature that limits the list of users shown when assigning a task to someone so that only team, or project, members can ever be assigned to a task in this project.

I’ve recently submitted this to support and was advised (I believe) that this isn’t part of a road map at the moment, but I would REALLY like you to consider including it, and soon. If i’m the only one that has this problem, please advise how I can go about avoiding this issue. In the ticket a submitted, i was advised to make the project private, but that didn’t help. I could still see members that are not a part of the team nor project when assigning a task.

It has been two years since this issue first came up and nothing has been done about it. I’ve been waiting for this for a while and was hoping they would fix it some day. I now believe that Asana is not the right tool for managing projects with external clients. It is just too simple to create a confidentiality breach by assigning the wrong person to a task.

I see the benefits for in-company use, but the disadvantages when working with clients are too great.


this is the final straw for me and asana. we have hundreds of members in our organization. to have all 100 appear as an potential (incorrect) assignee to have to be sorted through and selected on EVERY project i create is, to put it delicately, a hard to understand design choice.

limit it to just people that can see the board. i can’t think of any excuse to make it otherwise. this is a usability and a security bug to be able to have anyone that is on the board (EVEN GUESTS!!!) see all of the members of the organization, including their emails (AND EVEN THE EMAILS OF GUESTS!!!). unusable.


After some testing, it looks like the the problem here is Asana is automatically making all Asana users available in the assignee list of a task based on 2 criteria:

  1. all asana user accounts that are using same email domain as the team/project owner’s email domain (this is what is causing the major problem - this HUGE assumption by Asana that users with the same email domain should be automatically available as a assignees)
  2. all asana users that have been added to the project team, which is what we are all expecting to ONLY be seeing as available.

In addition to all the use-case problem issues already mentioned, we have another one that has been causing us a LOT of problems recently - project / team owners are clicking on the assignee of a task, but the auto-list has not completed filling out, so they end up assigning he wrong person, that does not belong to the team or the project - in the past several weeks we are getting have had many tasks for “maintenance to fix a toilet” being assigned to the and “IT support tech”, and vise versa - not a security issue, but horrible waste of time and confusion!!!

I’m unfortunately agreeing with several of you, that this issue is now over 2 years old and Asana will not even acknowledge this incorrect assumption of who should be available assignees, let alone estimating a fix or an option to turn it off.

So we are starting to look for an alternate service


I strongly agree with the above. I work with a very large organization that has >50K Asana users. Not everyone has the same infosec rights. Accidentally adding people to a board that are not a part of the team jeopardizes infosec at my company and would shut down usage of Asana very quickly. Strong recommend including an option that limits assignees to only those on the team. Please fix!


I completely agree. When it comes to work with clients on a project basis Asana are shooting themselves in the foot with this simple omission. I also see no benefit to this default behaviour and for the absence of a setting to fix it.

However, it could be a deliberate limitation of the free plan though. The upgraded subscriptions allow for projects to be private which may have this fixed - idk.

I really hope this problem will solve.

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Seems like a basic oversight. Why would team members who are not part of project appear in the list of available assignees?