Project/Team assignment list should only show current Project or Team members, not all names in Asana

I have multiple projects with multiple members. Private and Public projects alike.
Whenever I assign someone to a task, i get a list of members from EVERY project in Asana. This is a problem especially when I’m assigning a task to a common name. At the moment, there are about 4 Chris in my task list.

The second part of the reason for the request, though not a deal breaker but it could be, when sharing my screen, the client can see all the users in that list as I type the name i’m looking for. Again, this one isn’t such a big deal, but it would be nice that all they see is there co-workers and not potentially a competitor, former employee or another unwanted case.

Please consider a functionality/feature that will allow me to filter that list based on my current team or project.

As a project admin/owner/leader, I want a feature that limits the list of users shown when assigning a task to someone so that only team, or project, members can ever be assigned to a task in this project.

I’ve recently submitted this to support and was advised (I believe) that this isn’t part of a road map at the moment, but I would REALLY like you to consider including it, and soon. If i’m the only one that has this problem, please advise how I can go about avoiding this issue. In the ticket a submitted, i was advised to make the project private, but that didn’t help. I could still see members that are not a part of the team nor project when assigning a task.

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