Assignee field should only show members of a project or team

It has not fixed it for us and we are on enterprise.

I have a project with a project team.
The team has a limited list of people.

When I want to notify a person from the team I show a list of all users of my Asana

I would like to get a list of the people in the team when clicking on @ in the first place

Now I see a list of all users and guests and it is very difficult for me to mention the specific user I need

Yes indeed there is no “alias” or sort of some sort in the assignee field.

We’re starting to get many of our clients into collaborating with us on Asana and this mixed list of “assignees” (team members and clients) is becoming a real problem.

My team has run into issues where they have accidentally assigned a task to a client that was not supposed to be assigned to that task because they shared similar names and profile colors. Most of our clients tend to not add photos to their Asana profiles and we can’t force them to. We are happy that they are even using Asana.

There are so many great solutions suggested here. Asana is this in the roadmap for this year?

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@Erjon_Metohu Asana does not share its roadmap publicly so you won’t get an answer. Accidentally assigning a task to someone else is indeed a real issue and potential data leak.


Thanks for letting me know @Bastien_Siebman. Hopefully, this is something that they will be addressing soon.

4 years ago - it should be here by now. We can accidentally assign competitors of our clients to the project? It’s okay if it’s me as the main admin user, but I cannot allow my team to make these mistakes. it’s absolutely non-sense this hasn’t been fixed. It’s a simple SQL command to the database to just show assignees from project members only.

If this won’t be fixed soon, I am moving away.

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Hi @Andrew_Paul

I’m sorry to hear this is causing you trouble, and I understand why it would make sense only to have project members show up in the assignee field for a given task in your specific case. On the other end, many customers need to assign tasks from one project without adding the assignee to the whole project. Not showing non-project members in the assignee field would break their workflow.

We’re not planning to implement this option at the moment, but if this were to change in the future, I’d be sure to keep you posted here!

This is a huge privacy issue. It leaves too much room for error to accidentally assign someone to a task they shouldn’t see. If this isn’t fixed by the time my subscription is up, I will have to switch to a more secure project management tool.


On the other end, many customers need to assign tasks from one project without adding the assignee to the whole project. Not showing non-project members in the assignee field would break their workflow.

Such case could be avoided by adding an option for admins to choose who shows up in the assignee list, like: members of the entire organization or only from a given team.


See I have the opposite issue - When using an automation tool (zapier,, make, etc), I am in a large organization… but when I select it – and try to assign a project out from a form – I am not even showing up as an assignee option (nor is anyone that I work with 50+). Argh.

Has this problem been fixed?
This is the only reason I can’t move to Asana and still use Trello.
This is a serious data security problem.

Hi @Joanna4 ,

I don’t think this is considered a problem to fix, but instead this is a feature you can consider missing in your case. We haven’t heard anything about this topic.

Many people write about it here. In various topics. So it’s probably a problem to be solved after all.

I also feel like the ability to restrict assignees to a single team would be extremely useful for Asana instances with a huge user list.

There are very few projects I own where I’d assign a task to someone outside of my team so having the ability to limit the assignee list/suggestion list to relevant users would be a huge improvement from a usability perspective.


When you create a project for a team, I believe you should at least have the option to only see the members of the team as potential assignees for tasks - not the entire organization.

This should be especially true for a private project - where the whole point is to limit access to only the members you specify.

I can see how it can be beneficial in some areas for this feature, but we should at least have the option per project to not allow organizational wide assignment for tasks. I only want to quickly choose between the team members who are involved in the project and I don’t want to accidentally assign a task to someone who should not be part of that project.



The fix is simple: a checkbox whether to list Project Users or All Users. Save the user’s preference and default to that option every time.

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Hi @anon46915324, welcome to the Community Forum! Thank you for contributing.

I’ve seen several years worth of posts regarding this issue, trying to get a bottom line on the current status.

Do I understand correctly that Asana’s current stance on this is still “we understand it’s an issue for some/no concrete plans to change this behaviour/will forward the feedback to developers?”

There are serious security/privacy concerns if so.

I don’t work for Asana, but my personal take is that what you are asking for is actually against Asana’s vision, which is to break away from silos and allow anyone to assign something to anyone…