non team members displayed in assignee list

Steps to reproduce:

  • setup a new team, add one additional member, so that myself and the member are the only 2 team members
  • setup a project with tasks under the new team
  • click on assign-member-to-task, a list of available team members are displayed to assign to the task
    PROBLEM is that all asana users with the same email domain as my own are being displayed as available members to assign to the task, all of them are not team members - is this a bug, or by design?

We have several totally different, separate departments of users that are using the same domain name, but are not associated at all with our department - the list of avail members to assign to is getting too long, and we want to ensure we are only assigning tasks to team members.

Hi @Michel, this is an expected behaviour. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend upvoting this #productfeedback thread: Assignee field should only show only project or team members :slight_smile: