Task status updates not reflecting in multiple projects

How can I ensure status updates in a task reflects consistently across projects.

Here’s the use case:

Task A, within Project 1 has a “Status” field, for which the status is Green.
Task A, when assigned to Project 2 (which also has a “Status” field) now has two Status fields. When I update Task A in Project 2 to a different status (Yellow), the legacy Status field from Project 1 is still Green and there are two Status fields visible in the Task details.

Such an issue does not exist for comments, as when I comment on Task A, the same comment is viewed when I view the task through Project 1 and 2.

Assuming that Status field across two projects have exactly the same nomenclature, what do I need to do, to ensure when the task is assigned to multiple projects with exactly same fields, it doesn’t replicate them.


Your problem is that the Status custom field was not added to the library, you created 2 different statuses. Pick one field, edit it, check the box “add to library”, then move to the second project, add a field, from the library, and pick your newly added field. Migrate data from field #2 to public field #1 :slight_smile:


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