'Status' custom field not showing in 'My Tasks' but displays on task in a Project

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
There’s a status on the task in a project, but it’s not displaying on the task when in “My Tasks” view.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. View a task in a project, and notice the Status Field has a value. For example, “Not Started”.
  2. Navigate to “My Tasks”.
  3. Add the Status field by going to Customize > Add Custom Fields > Status
  4. Filter on “Incomplete Tasks”
  5. Find same task in the list.
  6. Notice the Status field is empty.
    Expected Result: The status field displays “Not Started”.

Browser version: Google Chrome Version 109.0.5414.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Michelle_Kellner , welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Can you check that your ‘Status’ custom field has been added to your custom field library?
If you are not sure what this means, refer to the guide here: Custom fields • Asana Product Guide

From your project (not My Tasks), edit your ‘Status’ field and make sure that the first check box (4 below) is checked.

Once done, then add the same ‘Status’ field by selecting ‘Choose from library’ (instead of Create new), search it there and add to your My Tasks (so that it draws these values from your project tasks).

If this doesn’t solve your issue, then please upload some screenshots but make sure to cross out/blur any sensitive information since this forum is public :wink:

Hi @Richard_Sather - Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I confirmed the Status field is in our organization’s custom field library, but that didn’t solve the issue.

Is there a way for me to file a bug without it being public?

Hi @Michelle_Kellner , this is strange…

Are you sure the same ‘Status’ custom field in your project (which you confirmed is in your org’s custom field) is ALSO the same one added in your My Tasks? Did you try this part, which is key:

My feeling is that you may have perhaps created a local ‘Status’ field in My Tasks? If so, remove that one and add the correct one from your library.

If these steps/checks still don’t solve the issue, then best to contact support@asana.com in a private email. All forum posts here are public.

You’re right! I had two Status fields somehow - I’m now going through all of my projects and ensuring the custom one is selected on all of them. Thank you so much!