Custom fields on other member's task lists should be visible

It would be greatly helpful for team workflow processes to see the custom fields on team members’ task lists. For example, we have a company-wide custom field called “Status” that we add to tasks so we know whether a project is in progress and what stage it is in. At the moment, if I view my team members’ task lists, I can’t see a quick view of how each project is doing. It would be helpful if we can view the custom fields on others’ task lists.

Asana help said this when I asked if there’s a way to view these fields - “They have come back to me and informed me that it is expected behavior to not be able to see custom fields when viewing another member’s my tasks .”

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If you need people to see the custom field, you would need to add them to the project as well. The same applies if you wanna see the custom field then the task should be added to a project to which you have access to as well.

Can you check that for some of the tasks you cannot see the custom fields for?