Only members of this field's project can see the field


I created a public project with the only member being myself.

There wasn’t a task progress field, so I had to create a custom field. However, I’m getting a message saying “Only member’s of this fields project can see the field”

Does that mean that team members can’t see the Progress field?


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Hey @Shane_Goodman
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Please read this guide, so that you could solve the issue about permissions

Hi @Shane_Goodman, thanks for reaching out! It’s currently possible to add custom fields to specific projects or to the Organization library.

It seems this custom field is only associated with the project and for this reason is only visible by project members. If you wish to make it reusable across your Organization, you can add it to your Organization library:

This will be also helpful if you need to create Advanced Search reports using this custom field.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: