Custom field visibility to guests


There used to be a situation where a guest for example would be able to see the custom fields of a task even if they did not have access to the projects the fields were from.

I ran into a situation the other day where I did not see the custom fields because they were not part of the library. As soon as my client added the field to the library, it showed.

Can someone confirm this is now the normal behavior, and if it changed or was just always like this?

cc @lpb we might have discussed this in the past

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for reaching out!

Interesting, good question! Just to have extra context here, were you a member of the project or only the assignee of one task when you experienced this? Access to custom fields will depend on the project permissions as well. For example, if the project is private, the custom fields are local (only part of this project) and you are only added as assignee of one task, you won’t be able to see the fields. What I’m curious now is how you gain access when they added the field to the Organization’s library.

cc @Phil_Seeman @Bernie_Orelup @Jerod_Hillard @Brenda @Sebastien_Levesque @Julien_RENAUD in case you have more information to add here! Thank you!

They made the custom field part of the organization library. I am talking about a field in a project I don’t have any rights on (I don’t see the project at all)

I don’t have any specifics; sorry. But it seems like maybe our previous conclusion didn’t actually cover all the combinations; maybe that’s why you’re seeing unexpected results now. I’m looking forward to hear how it is spec’ed to work too.

I don’t recall ever testing to compare the specific cases of the field being in the library vs. not in the library, so I don’t have anything to add in terms of whether it was always like you discovered or if this is a change.

it used to be greyed out and only a few character were available, but I’m sure the exact figure (part of the project or not, field in the library or not…)

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wow I never saw that ^^

I think it was for custom field from a different project where the member was not part. But last time I recall having see that was before the customs capabilities to be project specific rather that organization wide.

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Thanks all for the extra information here! :raised_hands:t3: I checked more information internally and I confirm this is currently working as expected and we couldn’t find a different way it used to be before. The custom fields permissions will depend on its permissions as well, for example if they are part of a specific project or the Organization’s library.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to investigate it further!

It would be great to see a little table of when you can/can’t see custom fields because I’m still a little unclear.

For example, if you’re not a member of Project X but have access to Task Y in Project X, then you’ll see all of that task’s org-wide custom fields, but none of the custom fields that are specific to Project X (not org-wide)?



Exactly what I experienced yes. That is still a dangerous issue: if you have a custom field like “budget” on a task and work with a client in another project, they might see that value.

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