Update/Show tasks status in "My Tasks"


I seem to be having more and more tasks into play. Is it really not possible to show/update the status in “My Tasks”?

The customization is sad at best and I don’t see any options:

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As of today, it is not possible. You could solve that, however, even if with an additional step by adding all of the tasks that you want to update to a project which contains the Custom Field you want to use for the status update. In order to do that, the Custom Field has to be added to the company library.

I have for example a project with the tasks that I want to accomplish this week, from there I manage also the status.


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Thanks for the update. I have many many projects where I’m in and the “dual home” is just hard to maintain for tasks. And the default fields are in use for all projects. If these fields are default with Asana with every task, why are they not included?

It seems such a simple thing to have the option to display the default fields as columns.



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