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When in their My Tasks, my 2 guest users do not have the option to add Task Status or Task Type columns. They simply aren’t an option to toggle on/off when they click Customize, even when they have cleared their filters.

Is this possible? They do have the option to toggle on/off for Tags, Created By, and Collaborators.

I am not sure if these were custom fields I added or existing fields that I tweaked.

I confirmed that Task Status and Task Type are custom fieldsbwe created. I am in the trial period of a Starter subscription, so not sure if that has anything to do with it. If so, I will go ahead and pay! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that’s a limitation of Guests (any plan level): they can’t configure custom fields in My Tasks (or projects), though they can use them (change their values).



Thank you, Larry! My guests do not need to configure these fields, but they do need to be able to view them. Are you saying that is an option?

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@Tori_Correll, Sorry for not being more clear. In the task detail pane, Guests can view custom fields and change their values. It’s just that they can’t view them as attribute columns in My Tasks List view. Hope that makes more sense.

Larry, you are a lifesaver, thank you! If I may ask a couple of additional questions related to this and an asana help article I found on standard fields…

Re: “these fields will be added to your Organisation only when you create a project using an Asana template that contains that field,” that’s good to know, and perhaps why I could find a Status option when I first started limping along in asana a couple of weeks ago.

If I’m understanding correctly, I can access asana’s built-in Task Status (“Task Progress”) if I create a project with it in there.

  • Is Task Progress then only available in my account within the Project/s that have it built in by asana, or can I then use it across other Projects?
  • Can I tweak the Status options beyond just “Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Deferred, Done,” or would that make it not viewable by guests?

Hi @Tori_Correll,

First, thanks for the nice comment!

I think it will help you a lot to read this help article, at least the initial sections and major ones, and the later Permissions section, though I’m afraid that hasn’t been updated so it’s misleading–it tasks about “Editor and Commenter” but now the permissions are “Project Admin, Editor, and Commenter” so take that with a grain of salt:

Another post that will help is this one I did, and in particular the best practices bullets:

So in answer to your questions:

  • Look at Asana’s Task Status or Task Progress field and then create your own org-wide field(s) as suggested above and you can then add them for use in any projects.
  • Because they’re you’re own, not Asana-provided fields, you can freely change the options. (And just changing the options doesn’t ever change the permissions/viewabilility.)

I hope that helps!

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Hi @Tori_Correll ,

Apart from @lpb 's useful links, you may also be interested in this:

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