🎉 Free Custom Field Templates!

Ever needed a custom field in your Asana space but never had the time to set it up? Like a huge dropdown field of all 249 countries in the world, or 50 U.S. states or 72 languages? :thinking:

Well, I’ve created all these fields (and many more) which you can import for free from my website, here: https://www.richardsather.com/customfields :star_struck:

I’ve bundled these fields into themed ‘collections’ which you can easily import as a project into your Asana space so you can add the custom fields to your Asana library! You will find plenty of instructions on how to easily do this with just a few clicks…

Then, you and everyone else in your organization, can add these fields to any project or portfolio in Asana - entirely for free, forever! :heart:

:question: Can’t find a custom field you are looking for? I’d love to hear your suggestions and requests so I can add your field to my collection for you to import it into your Asana!
Please let me know in the comments below or use this form.

Here’s a taste of what you will find on my website:


Pretty useful! nice!

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Congrats on the release!

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Thanks for this share.

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Bookmarking this.


Bravo, @Richard_Sather!!! I’ll certainly share this with clients whenever appropriate. Thanks for providing this great resource.



Wow wow wow, really nice, @Richard_Sather!


Thank you all for your support and encouraging words :heart:

This was great thanks!

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Wow this is awesome :heart_eyes: :+1::+1:


This is awesome @Richard_Sather :sunglasses::sparkles:

I managed to download and import your Clients CRM Collection and it works perfectly! So easy too… just a few clicks and all necessary fields are there! Can’t wait to fill all the info up :ok_hand:

Thanks so much for sharing this. You have done a FANTASTIC work! :tada:

Elina :grin:

Incredible post again @Richard_Sather! :clap:
Some Seriously Great Stuff coming from you…thanks! :pray:

PS - @Bastien_Siebman & @lpb may have some competition for my favorite contributor! Keep up the great work Forum Leaders! :laughing:


I did not realise there was a competition :scream: I need to get back on the :horse: !


Thanks @Rich_Ward , much appreciated!

And no competition at all - I’m sure you are kidding and I’m also sure that @lpb, @Bastien_Siebman and my other fellow forum leaders know how much respect and admiration I have for them all. :wink:

We all share a common pleasure of contributing to the community :heart:


I just added 3 more collections of custom field templates, as a ‘fast follow’ to the release… enjoy! :tada:
You can import these collections to your Asana space via my website, for free, forever!

What other custom fields you would like me to add to the collections? Let me know in the comments or use this form for ease.

:battery: Progress Bars

5 progress bars to indicate the progress of a task. These are based on @lpb’s creative idea, as per his post here.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Task/Project Duration

This collection includes 4 formula fields which calculate the duration of your tasks in hours or days, as noted in my post here in point 1. You can also add these fields to a portfolio to get more accurate results than the portfolio’s native ‘Duration’ field.

:medal_sports: Ratings & Scores

Various fields which can be used for scoring, either applications, interviews, form submissions, products, clients, companies, vendors etc. Also includes formula fields that convert scores out of 20 to % and vice versa which can be easily modified.


Excellent additions, @Richard_Sather – thanks!


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Hi @Richard_Sather this looks super useful.
Forgive the ignorant question, but if something like “World Countries” was to change, would this custom field be updated and rolled out as a bundle change or something like that? :thinking:

Hi @Mick_Roff , thanks!

Regarding your question, importing the custom fields from my website is a one-off action so even if I update the fields in the future, you will not get that update in your Asana space.

However, you could reimport my updated field again but if you have already added it to your library and used it across your organisation, then the best would be for you to edit the field’s options yourself whenever, for example, countries change. Then this change would reflect in every project and/or portfolio that has this custom field.

Having said that, most, if not all of, the fields I offer in the collections are generic and not expected to be updated, at least not too often :smiley:

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Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to see that so many people have already imported numerous collections of custom field templates :star_struck:

Today, I’ve just added 3 additional collections of custom fields on my website , which you can import into your Asana space for free, forever!

:card_index: Company Directory

All the fields you need to create a directory with the contact information of all your company’s members.

:clock3: Time

6 single-select fields of the time of day in AM/PM and 24-hour formats in increments of 60’, 30’ & 15’ minutes with optional colour-coded dropdown reflecting the time of day. Includes 2 text fields for departure and arrival times.

:1234: Units of Measurement & Conversions

Several number fields and formula fields to convert lengths and areas between imperial and metric units.


Hi everyone, I’ve added a few more collections of custom fields, which you can import from my (recently updated) website, into your Asana space for free! Hope you also like the new look :wink:

:currency_exchange: Currencies

270 currencies and their 3-letter codes as defined by ISO 4217, available in single-select and multi-select fields.

:house_with_garden: Real Estate

26 fields for all your real estate needs for tracking potential leads or asset management.
This one is for @Rich_Ward :wink:

:mega: Social Media Creation

For all your social media content creation needs to prepare and track all your posts on various channels.