Contain multi-select question in forms to specific length

Not sure if the title describes this well or not but here goes…
(Perhaps @lpb can correct my terminology… are they called containers… frames…? :sweat_smile:)

While building a form for a client, I realised that a multi-select question can be very problematic when there are numerous options such as countries or languages.

The below example uses a language custom field, comparing single-select VS multi-select how they appear in a form:

Single-select is contained within a scrollable container:

And this is what the same field looks like when presented as a multi-select (yes, it’s loooong):

Ideally, it would be best if multi-select options are presented as they are in the List view with about 4 and half visible options in a scrollable container:

Albeit, their single-select equivalent shows 9 visible options within a scrollable container.

Would also be nice if these were visually consistent too, but that warrants a separate post… here!


Good point, @Richard_Sather - voted!

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I have experienced the same problem! Voted!

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Or maybe menus.

I agree something should be done to limit the length, but I’d leave to the Asana designers to weigh the pros and cons, considering if a solution based on available space is viable too. I’m worried about a giant menu in an artificially-minimally-sized scrolling menu as being hard/slow to scan and use.



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