Single Select Form Design Option

I have built a form to be used by all teams - call it helpdesk form or intake form.

When it comes to designing the form, I found one design aspect a bit restrictive from a customer experience stand point.

If you choose the single select question builder, you only get the click - drop down menu.
If you choose the multi select question builder, you get the button select all visible on the form.

I would like to have the option to deciude how I want to questions to be built.

In this instance, I would have preferred for the single select option in the form to be visible where customers tick the option they need, instead of having to click twice.
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 11.01.43

Hi @Rashad_Issa , I understand your request, however I feel that the way these questions are presented, currently, is a good thing.

From a UI/UX stand point, it makes it super clear when a submitter is asked a single-select or a mult-select question, simply based on the way the input method is laid out for them.

However, on several occasions, multi-select questions are missed, with users thinking that they are single select. So in both cases, for single or multi-select questions, I recommend using the description box of the question to write dummy-proof instructions such as:

‘Select one of the below options’ (for single-select questions)
‘Select one or more of the below options’ (for multi-select questions)

I’m curious, what is your use case and reason for presenting single-select and multi-select questions in the same format?

My problem is not with the multi select. My problem is with the single select.

I do not want my customers to click twice to select one option.

Giving them three buttons and asking them to choose one is a more user friendly approach.
As the form is already built based on branching, I see no confusion having a single select laid out as buttons because when they click on their choice the branching will open up.

That is what I am asking for.

Even we do not agree on the approach and its simplicity, having my own choice as I build a form is what I am requesting. :slight_smile:

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Right, I see what you mean!

In that case, perhaps round ‘radio’ buttons could be used for single select questions, while using square ‘checkboxes’ for multi-select would be enough to differentiate. This is pretty much the standard design language for online forms, so I’d be happy to see this as an option.

And having this as an option would be better than the norm, because there will be cases where a dropdown list would be preferable, when you have a large amount of options.


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Radio button, that is the term that escaped me!! Thanks for mentioning it :grin::+1:t3:

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For single-select, it would be nice if there were radio buttons as an alternative to dropdown, as mentioned. And also:


And a corollary for multi-select is to just show the boxes with a little whitespace between them; that’s another way to indicate multi-select.

And, it would be nice to have a boolean (checkbox) alternative too.