Multiple Single-Select Questions with Shared Select Options

Is it possible to create an Asana Form with multiple single-select questions that have a shared pool of select-options?
I’m picturing something kind of like a matching quiz where for example we had 3 questions and 3 select-options for those, ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’. You can select any option for any question, but doing so would remove that option as a choice from the other questions.

Can that be done as an Asana form?

Hi @John_Phillips3 , welcome to the forum :wave:

I’m assuming that you want to avoid this, so in that case you would have to create 3 custom fields, each mapped/connected to each question so that the last question does NOT overwrite the answers of the previous questions.

If your questions do not need to be connected to custom fields, then all answers should appear in the task description of the submission, as long as this is enabled in the form’s settings.

PS: Having re-read your post I think you can achieve what you want using several branching options. Branching is available on a paid Business plan.

Perhaps if you elaborate a bit more I can get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve exactly :sweat_smile:

Hi @Richard_Sather, thanks for the welcome and response!

Sorry for the unclear wording there. I actually do want the answers to previous questions to be removed as options for future questions.
What I’m looking for would be something like this: If we had three questions their choices could be A, B, and C. If you selected A for question 1, then the options for questions 2 and 3 would be just B and C. Then if you select B for question 2, question 3’s only option becomes C.
Would that have to be done with branching or another way?


Hi @John_Phillips3 from what I would gather it would have to be branching with the same question just less options each time, but how you would map that to the custom fields and omit answers I am not sure.

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I agree with @Danielle-GenD , I can’t see a way to map these to custom fields that would make any sense. If connecting to custom fields is not an issue, then yes, branching is the way to go!

Alright, I think that answers my question. Thanks for all your help, Danielle and Richard!