Create custom field with multi-select options to use with Forms

My team is trying to implement a Content Request Form using Asana. We would like to connect our task fields to the questions on the form. However, task fields are limited to date, number, or text.

Our form has several questions that have multi-select options, so we are unable to connect them to a field, causing manual work. Is there a way to create a task field that will display multi-select options?

For instance, we need someone completing our form to be able to select several “communication types” and for the completed form to come into Asana as a task displaying the multiple communication types chosen.

Also, I’m not sure why I can’t create a question and then connect it to a field or modify which field a question is connected to later on.

I’d also like to connect a question to the Due Date field, but I’m not seeing that as an option in the right-hand navigation. Is this possible?


Hi @Holland_Phillips and welcome to the forum!

No, unfortunately not. As you’ve seen, Asana does not currently support custom fields which can hold multiple selections.

Others on the forum (myself included!) would love to see that capability added to Asana - you can add your vote for that feature here:

You should be able to do this. You do have to select the custom field first that you want to map a new question to - is that what you’re commenting on? I.e. you want to create a question first and THEN map it to a field? I may not be properly following your point here.

That’s true - you can’t do that. You have to delete the question and add a new question that’s mapped to the field you want to change it to.

If you want the ability to edit an existing question, it would be best to add a new separate post in this Product Feedback forum section for that specific capability, so it can be voted on as a separate enhancement request.

No, it’s not currently possible in native Asana to set a task’s Start Date and/or Due Date from a form submission. You can vote for this capability to be added here:

Also note that setting a Start and/or Due Date off a form submission is possible using the Forms Support feature of my Flowsana integration. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Phil! I’ve added my “votes” to the threads you shared. I was looking for the ability to modify a question (the type of question and the field it is connected to) after creating it. I will see about adding a separate post to address this request.

Any update on this? Would be great to add multiple choice option to forms.


Hi there - has anyone found a work around for this by chance? We need to be able to tie tasks to multiple selections on our strategic projects that will show up in a Search but I’m having no luck figuring this one out. Any help/thoughts would be very appreciated!

The workaround I found is to make a dropdown field instead and try to list all of the options available, ex below:

Let’s say your multiselection options are: A; B; C; D;
You will have to create a dropdown field with the following:

Hope it helps!

Another option is to let one custom field be the primary (drop-down) and then offer secondary or tertiary text type fields that refer back to the same drop-down items.