Multiple select for custom fields



I’m having to create a workaround for a multiple select field with custom fields. The drop downs don’t allow for multi-select, and I’m creating manual text fields where my team members can type in multiples, but that seems inefficient. WOuld it be possible to have multi-select, or be able to tie validated values to a text input field to address?

Also if you can select a custom field or a set of custom fields to be standard across the environment or specific projects from a singular management point.

Would be incredibly helpful!



That is exactly what we are looking for !!


My team needs this as well. We include formatted client codes in our tasks and we often need to select multiple options. We are currently using a text field but that relies on people to enter the codes without making a mistake.


Voting for this as well, definitely could be useful especially for our plan to migrate from other task tracking systems which already support multiple select. There are workarounds but they are not very effective and hard to maintain.


Same - This would be incredibly useful. Having a hard time convincing my team to convert to Asana because other systems allow this.


Yes, please integrate this feature


We could also use this field for tracking


We reall need this. Trello has this


Great feature! Would be a huge lever to use in agile product development.


We really need this. This would be incredibly useful.


Multi-select custom fields are coming! (Along with date and boolean custom field types.) Asana has pre-announced them to 3rd party developers:


When is this coming? We are evaluating Asana for our business and this is critical to enable our use of the portfolio functionality.


I’m afraid the latest news is that it’s been delayed a bit - see this post:


Hey Phil,

Our team would also like to use multiple select fields for projects.

Wanted to comment to say this is a very hot feature we would love to use.


Would love this!