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Hi everyone, we have some exciting news! And you, our developers, are the first to hear it! Asana is creating three new custom field types! :tada: We know that custom fields are an important part of our API, so even though we don’t have an interface design to publish for you yet, we wanted to let you know as soon as possible so that you have a better idea of what to expect.

The three new types we’re introducing are:

  • Booleans, resource_subtype: "boolean". This is exactly what you’d expect—a raw true or false value, without having to use an enum field and the associated enum option IDs.

  • Dates, resource_subtype: "date". These will behave just like the existing date fields on tasks—you’ll have the options for a start and due date (or a due date-time).

  • Multi-select enums, resource_type: "multi_enum". This is also what you’d expect—a set of fixed enum options from which multiple can be selected at the same time.

We’re working on the new design for these in the API simultaneously with the in-product work, and don’t yet have a release timeline to share with you. However, the important point here is that, as this is rolled out in the web app, your apps will start to see custom field subtypes other than text, number, and enum. If your integration simply ignores unknown subtypes as if they didn’t exist then you shouldn’t need to take action, but please keep this upcoming addition in mind as you work with your apps. We’ll be sure to share the API designs before these are rolled out, and are aiming to have them published by the end of next month. Keep following this forum category to listen for updates, as this is where we’ll post new information first.

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That is great! :champagne:


I love this! Speaking for all non-developers I can say that I don’t completely understand everything that you’ve described, but I’m very excited at the idea of new custom fields!



  • Boolean is a true or false value (usually shown as a checkbox)
  • Multi-select enums is for example categories, if you want a task to belong to multiple categories instead of just one, you create a field with them


Excellent! The multi-select enums will be particularly useful.

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman ! :slight_smile:


Would I be correct in guessing that Boolean and Date are primarily about creating data types to add functionality to the API and thus improve the ability to integrate with other applications or custom code?


Hi Vince,

I don’t think so; personally I think they’re equally designed for the app’s user interface and the API. Certainly we know that many, many users have been asking for Date-type custom fields to use in the product itself!


This looks great!

It feels like you’re heading in a direction I’m really hoping for… formulas in custom fields, eg a custom field that calculates the sum of two other custom fields.

Any chance this is in the roadmap?


@Michael_Waxman Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information about the roadmap for custom fields.


I was looking for info on multi-select custom field - this is great news!


At Bridge24, we are very happy about those new custom field types, especially the date type. We will support them as soon as possible through the interface. It will give much more value to our advanced reports grouped by custom fields.


Exciting! Hopefully we get them soon :slight_smile:


Hi all, we’re due to provide an update about the new custom fields, but it is an unfortunate one.

The product teams here at Asana spent effort researching new custom fields, both from a product and technical perspective, and are going to take more time to design and implement the new types to ensure this change is done correctly. As a result, the timing for the launch of these new fields has been pushed back. At this time, we don’t have any estimate on when the new custom fields will be ready, but we’ll update this thread with more API details once the product designs and timelines are locked down.

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