Custom Date Field Needs Start / End Date Range Support

Really excited to finally have the ability to create custom fields with Date information. That said, would love to be able to set a start date similar to the standard date field. And have that information be available in the timeline/ calendar views.

I see us using this for the various “Stages” of a project that might last several days and our sub-tasks are tied up already that I cant use them for this.

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If you want start date-end date, why not use two Date fields?

Custom fields historically don’t show up on those views indeed.

Two date fields just seems like a lot of clutter… My thought was to use these for the phases of a job, that are not typically consecutive so breaking the date range up would be helpful.

IE. Phase 1: Sep 3-6 Phase 2: Sep 16-18 Phase 3: Nov 9-12

Having them show up on the timeline would be a must then.

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