Custom Date Field Needs Start / End Date Range Support

Really excited to finally have the ability to create custom fields with Date information. That said, would love to be able to set a start date similar to the standard date field. And have that information be available in the timeline/ calendar views.

I see us using this for the various “Stages” of a project that might last several days and our sub-tasks are tied up already that I cant use them for this.

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If you want start date-end date, why not use two Date fields?

Custom fields historically don’t show up on those views indeed.

Two date fields just seems like a lot of clutter… My thought was to use these for the phases of a job, that are not typically consecutive so breaking the date range up would be helpful.

IE. Phase 1: Sep 3-6 Phase 2: Sep 16-18 Phase 3: Nov 9-12

Having them show up on the timeline would be a must then.

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I agree. Some projects need two date ranges and having 3 different date fields is cluttery! Hoping they can add the date range function to the date field as well! It makes it difficult for our team (healthcare and all the observances we have to enter) to have our calendar work for us. Our due date is not a range. Even if we could re-name the due date field that would be helpful!


Any update on supporting supporting:

  • Custom dates being an option for timeline filers
  • Custom date field having start + end date

The use case : If we are limited to only 1 “Due Date” column that shows up in the timelines, we cannot share tasks across teams with accurate timeline views because, the different teams have different timelines they care about.
i.e. Creative timeline (to build the assets) vs. Execution timeline (to go live with the assets).

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I would love to see a start date added to the custom field date option with the hope that I could use this on the Timeline.

I really want to love the Timeline feature, but I find it annoying to manage tasks with My Tasks while having a date range. I have a strong preference for updating my task due date every time I need a reminder on the next step (rather than assigning each sub-task to myself with a date). But this means that my Timeline never reflects the proper date range. It would be ideal to add this other custom date field to show the actual time period required for the work, without it interfering with My Tasks.


Is there any update on this?

I would also love to see this supported.

I would also love the ability to have start and end dates on the custom date field. It helps