Introducing People Custom Field! 👥

Hey Asana Community,

I’m Ben, a product marketer on the Track Anything team, here to share some exciting news on feature updates! When tracking information in Asana, custom fields give you the flexibility to track all different types of data in a standard way. These standards make it easier to filter and sort your projects, build seamless automations, and create compelling charts with powerful insights. Starting this month, we’re excited to roll out our newest custom field type option to your Asana libraries: People Custom Field!

This new custom field type allows you to tag any Asana user and guest in your domain into a custom field. Want to create clarity around who should be “consulted” for a task? Need to identify which “designer” the copywriter can work with on a task? These are all great reasons to utilize this new custom field.

Just like any other custom field, you can add them from your customize menu on the right side of any project. If you wish to use the field on other projects as well, make sure to check the “Add to [company’s] field library,” option when creating it. Once created, you can start typing in a name to pull up a search menu of users and guests in your domain that match the search term. You can add up to 20 people to a single field.

A few important things to note with this new custom field:

  • By tagging people in this custom field, it does not automatically give them access to the task, nor will they be notified that they were added to the field. If you do add someone to a people custom field and they don’t already have access to the task, you’ll need to either add them as a collaborator or they need to be a member of any project the task belongs to.
  • At launch, people custom field will be usable on projects, with Rules support coming shortly after.
  • It is not recommended to use people custom field as a workaround for multiple assignees. By only having one single assignee per task, it creates more clarity around who’s directly responsible for the work, and helps ensure work doesn’t fall through the cracks.
    • If you do wish to have multiple people working on a single, it’s recommended that you utilize subtasks on a parent task and assign those subtasks to different individuals.

People custom field has already started rolling out to some Asana domains and will be available to everyone in late August. If you have any questions, please let us know. We can’t wait to hear all the exciting new ways you plan to utilize this new custom field!


I am a bit curious if this feature will also allow “non-asana” users to be indicated/assigned to tasks.


Ben indicated that the people added to the field must be Asana users or guests.

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Guests need to still have an account with Asana? Is this People Custom Field same or different with the Custom Field that Asana will launch soon as stated in this link and mentioned by Marie (Community Manager)

@Jan_Go, Those are two separate things.

Looking forward to the People Custom Field; thanks, @Ben_Watkins!


Does this new field option have ability to link up to collaborators to include them in conversations? Also is it available on forms & workflows?


Thank you for clarifying @lpb ! Looking forward to these new features’ implementation.


Correct. This field will allow selection of existing Asana users (whether they are full users or guests), no other values.

Once custom fields are available as mentioned in that thread, all custom field types will be accessible there including this People field (once it’s rolled out).

Coool! Thanks for the neat new feature!

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I love this new feature! It opens up so many cool new workflows!

Hi Matt I have had a look in Asana at this feature & I am not sure you can link this field type to forms or workflows yet :frowning: hopefully in the future though :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Phil_Seeman ! Is there an est. release date for this?

Hi Ben! What I meant was that this new custom field allows you to integrate it into projects in a new way and use it for project processes and workflows that already exist for a project. I just like having another tool in the the toolbox for when setting up projects and how team will use the to accomplish their workflows!

The unbelievable thing here is that my colleague and I were just discussing this option yesterday and asking why Asana has not added such a feature, now here it is!

My QUESTION is, why is it capped at 20 users? We have some needs where we would like ALL users to be listed in a drop down list such as this. Is there a reason to the limit and/or future plans to expand? Am I misunderstanding how this would work?

Awesome new feature. Would be even better if people added in this field would become collaborators automatically, just like when @mentioning people. Is this on the roadmap?


I don’t work for Asana so am not sure of the timetable, sorry.

You may be misunderstanding. All users (that are accessible to you) within your workspace are available to be added here. The limit is that from all of those, you can only add a max of 20 on a particular task. Does that help?

Oh, understood Phil! Thank you

So you’re saying we can have ALL USERS in the drop down list, but max of 20 can be added to any given task correct?