People custom field: add selected individuals as task collaborators

This has been raised by community members upon the launch of the new People custom field type, but I wanted to break this out as its own feature request.

My proposal is for the custom field “Edit Field” modal to include a checkbox to “Add selected individuals as collaborators on the task.” This would provide a choice for end users, some of whom may want identified individuals added to the task whereas others may not.

Alternatively, rather than establishing a setting at the custom field level, a new rule could be introduced that enables an action based off the values of a given field (i.e. for each person value entered into the People field, add that same value as a collaborator on the task).

Both of the above solutions would address the need to add collaborators to tasks much more efficiently than creating a rule for each value (read: person) added to the field.

I agree this would be very helpful to have!

I am 99% certain this was actually part of the initial launch: I have seen this, I am sure! Maybe it was removed afterwards?

Hi @Stephen-Patterson, thanks for this feedback!

It is currently possible to set up Rules using the People custom field: Introducing People Custom Field! 👥 - #63.

You can create a Rule similar to Trigger: People field changed > User A added, Trigger: User A added as Collaborator.

It’s not possible to add all users tagged by the People field as collaborators just yet but this is on our Product team’s radar. I’ll let you know if this changes!

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Is this only available to Business suite? im using premium but i don’t see it in my Rules

Yes, it is available for Business only

@Rebecca_McGrath I am a little confused by the comment. I don’t see the People field type as an option in the forms? So it seems the only way to use what you suggest would be to manually update that field on a task in a project. If that is the suggestion, I don’t think it makes sense since it is as many clicks on just manually adding a collaborator.