Introducing People Custom Field! 👥

This is a feature i’ve definitely been waiting on! The ability directly in the form to type in a team member and either:

  • Assign a task directly to them or
  • Add them as a collaborator

Would be huge!

Hi! I’m excited for this field but I don’t see it yet in my domain. Has the rollout been delayed?

You say " By only having one single assignee per task, it creates more clarity around who’s directly responsible for the work, and helps ensure work doesn’t fall through the cracks." But that’s not entirely true!

We are a small team and there are many times a task needs 2 people to work on it, but with one assigned, the other will not see the due date unless they look for it, it won’t show in their inbox/tasks. Adding subtasks adds another layer of work which could easily be resolved by adding a second collaborator.

The people field does not replace the need for this unless it also allows the person added to get notifications that the task is becoming due. I am so surprised that Asana is so against giving users the choice to add a second assignee if they want to where there is a need - because believe me, there is a need!


Hi @Laura_Moore ,

The people custom field is not meant to satisfy the request of assigning multiple persons to one task. I understand your motives, but by doing that you would lose clarity on “who is doing what by when”, that who would not be 100% crystal clear anymore, and trust me, that means issues especially as your team would grow.

There are psychological studies about accountability and how it works that back this approach up.

Also, check out this blog article Why one assignee? as it explains why Asana is taking this approach and (hopefully) won’t change it.



Thanks for flagging this, @Zach_Brak. Our Product team has confirmed that this should now be resolved :slight_smile:


Hi folks :wave:

I’m happy to confirm that the People custom field can now be used to create Rules :tada: Please let me know if you have any questions on this and I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Very helpful @Rosario_Messina! I just added fields for RACI model to one of my orgs. Thank you for sharing. :+1:

Hi all, Good news! We are excited to announce that the people custom field is now available in the Portfolio :tada:


Hello there :wave:

We’re excited to share that People Custom Fields are now supported in Advanced Search! To add a People Custom field in your Advanced Search, simply follow this path:

+Add filter > Add Custom Field > Select or search for your People custom field

Let us know below if there is any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you ready for more?

People custom fields are now supported in projects, portfolios, and universal reporting :partying_face:

Please note this update is currently out to 10% of users and will become available to everyone in the next few days!


can we use People custom Fields in ASANA Forms ?

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Hi Vishal, not at the moment

When do we get this option?

Hi @Eduardo_Janini,

People custom fields are currently available to everyone on a paid Asana plan.

@Danielle-GenD, Can I use the people custom field in rules such that it sets the value from the variable “Rule triggerer”?

I mean similar to “Set assignee” action in rules, which can be set from variable “Rule triggerer”.

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I have the exact same scenario that would be great to see added as a feature.

It would be awesome to see the “Set Assignee” Rule action have a variable for “People Custom Field”.

In my use case, a single task may need to be passed around to different departments. There is a single person from each department assigned via People custom fields, that I have set up per department (Eg. Department A: User 1, Department B: User 2, etc)

When a task is triggered to go to a specific department, I’d like the rule to apply the person assigned to that department’s People field to the Assignee of the task.

I imagine since the People custom fields allow for more than one person to be appended to it that this is the primary reason why this is currently not possible. Perhaps if there’s only one person in a People custom field, THEN this rule would be achievable?


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Hi everyone,

Today, I’m excited to announce we just launched a new pop-up notice in the task pane that allows you to quickly add users in people custom fields as task collaborators.

Please note, the pop-up window will appear only when you add users to the people field who are not task collaborators yet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the Tips and Tricks category!

Have a nice day!