Updated Custom Fields!

Hi everyone,

I’m Amulya from the Product Marketing team. After hearing your feedback about having the option to make custom fields private to a project or accessible across your organization, I’m excited to announce we’ve launched our updated custom fields!

You now have the flexibility to add custom fields and manage information on a single project, portfolio, or across your entire organization— so you can track work in whatever way makes sense for you and your team. With the new Fields button, you can choose to create a new custom field that is only visible in a single project or choose a field from your organization’s library. To learn how to use custom fields, check out our Guide.

A quick Asana tip — we suggest using the new custom field option for single projects that are one-off use cases. To track more broadly relevant information across your organization like priority, budget, and hours, you can add to or select a custom field from your organization’s library for a project or portfolio.

We hope you continue enjoying to use custom fields to track anything in Asana. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below.


Not seeing a way to search values in custom fields across all projects. Whereas this is easily done with tags. Back to tags until this gets implemented.

Still no ability to have custom fields show in My Tasks. Why? Back to tags again!


For those who want to generate task reports on custom fields, or use a power grid view to view/sort/group/search on custom fields, I suggest you use Bridge24 for Asana.

@Bill_Doerrfeld, If you’re on a paid plan, I think this is available with Advanced Search > Add Filter > Custom Field.

Hope that helps for that part.

Custom fields in my tasks is a much-requested feature; you can add your vote (currently 297!) here:


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Yeah we’re on a paid plan and I finally did get it to work. The issue is that newly created custom fields take a while to populate in the search criteria.

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Good to know; thanks!

Let’s say a task is multi-homed into project A and B, and each project has a set of custom fields. If a user has rights to see project A but don’t have rights to see project B, when looking at the task, which custom fields would they see if fields are project-specific? Same question for organization-wide fields?

cc @Phil_Seeman

I like the new features, but would still like to see more.

  1. It doesn’t appear that I can remove a current custom field from being organization wide, so it looks like all current custom fields are grandfathered into being org-wide only.

  2. We still don’t have an easy way of sending custom fields to multiple projects. For example, if we as an organization just rolled out a new custom field that we need in every project, we would have to go project-by-project to add it.

  3. We still need a way of adding custom fields to advanced searches as “or” arguments rather than “and” arguments. To that end, we need way better abilities here, as there are times when I need to search for 2 or 3 parameters in a custom field that may have 10 parameters. One way to accomplish this would be to allow instances of custom fields. Mean if I have Custom Field-A and it has 10 parameters in it, but I only want to search for 3 items from it. I could load custom field-A 3 times, and set each one to the parameter I’m looking for… again, this only works if the logic is set to “OR.”

  4. Ability to populate custom field parameters using copy paste from a CSV, doc, etc. In other words, so I don’t have to manually add each parameter.


Since I know you’re going to ask me, I’ll retype these one-by-one and put them in feedback later… no time now. But if you leave them here for now, I can copy and paste them into separate posts later.


No worries at all @Francesco_Alessi :wink:

After a few months, we found some issues related to that new feature.
All because you set the “default” behavior of custom field to project instead of workspace.

So, we have lots of customers using our app that need to export data from multiple projects, and it’s a total mess trying to “merge” these different CF with the same names.

Some of our customers have 50+ projects, and then re-create each CF of the same name for all of them! Instead of having 15-20 CF, they have 500+, but with lots of duplicates.

So, I have some suggestions:

  • Invert “choose from library” and “Create new” tabs, to invert the default one.
  • In the “create new”, set “add to library” set as default (checkbox)
  • If I create a new CF with a known name, suggest me to switch to library instead, and/or offer an option convert a “project-only” cf to “workspace” cf.

Let me add some details… we asked these customers why they didn’t notice that they can use “workspace custom fields”.

The answer is easy… they never see that CF config page when they create these cloned custom fields.
They “duplicate” projects, or create them from template.
So, it’s easy to understand why they have so many duplicates.

I think you should think of a solution for these people who duplicate projects with CF, or inherits from template. They should be warned somewhere, when they create the template, or when they duplicate the project.


I know this may sound excessive, but I would like to have the ability to have more than 20 customs fields. We use Asana to help us keep track of our website launches and there are a number of fields that we would like to track and sort by. Even adding an additional 5 custom fields to a project would be a huge help for us.