Customized Fields and option to hide Tag, Assignee, Projects, Due date

I wish you would allow more customized fields and give me the option to delete your standard ones such at Tag, Assignee, Projects, Due Date. I need more customized fields options. Also, love your product but getting online support from a live person is impossible.


Custom fields are available to create in the Premium, Business, and Enterprise Versions. Also, you can Toggle off the standard fields in the grid view.

Here is a screenshot:


I know that. I have created many custom fields. The problem is it won’t allow me to create any more because I’ve created all that Asana will allow. The +add field is grayed out. Suggestion - design to be able to add more custome fields.

There are some fields that Asana apparently auto loads “Tag” and “Project” in the custom fields. I wish we had the option to delete those.

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Darla Miller

Ok, I understand better now. Have you considered multi-homing tasks in multiple projects so that you can have more custom fields associated with the tasks? I know it’s a workaround, but if you need them it may be a good option.

Thanks but that won’t work for me.