A few questions about Asana's flexibility

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My coworker and I are trying to use Asana to set up a calendar/workflow hybrid for our accounting firm. We have seen some initial success setting up a template for client onboarding, but we had some concerns and questions regarding the flexibility of Asana Premium’s features that we hope you could answer for us:

  • Is it possible to add a low/medium/high priority tag to an entire project, not just a task? From what we can tell in our testing, custom fields appear to be limited to tasks and subtasks.
  • Is it possible to sort projects alphabetically, by due date, and by assignee? When viewing projects in list form, we couldn’t see an option for sorting projects beyond manually dragging and dropping, which would be very difficult for us to manage as we are dealing with hundreds of clients, each of which would have their own project.
  • Can a project show a certain tag (e.g. a year-end or assignee) externally when viewing the project in a list, and is there an option (or a plugin) for sorting projects by said tag?
  • What is the difference between a task and a workflow, as Asana defines it?

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you can help us out with these questions.

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Hi :wave:

With the Business plan, you get portfolio and custom fields at the project level.

In the sidenav, there are no sort available. You need to drag and drop. My advice: use the search to navigate, not the sidenav. In portfolio (Business) you can sort projects by name.

Not really. You could use a custom field at the project level in portfolio view.

For me a workflow is made of the steps a task goes through. Do you have a context for your question?

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I think this is actually a fantastic question; so much so that I decided to make a new distinct thread about it:


Thank you all so much for your feedback! Tomorrow my coworker and I will go through these responses and if there are any further issues, I will likely use this thread for future inquiries.

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One major questions came to mind after another consultation with my coworker and boss: Is it possible to create a template of a task as well as a project? The one question I found about this in Tips and Tricks confirmed it wasn’t possible, but that was in 2018, and a lot can happen in two years. Our main objective is that, since a CLIENT is a project, we would want to automate the process of onboarding a new corporate or family client, which would mean importing, say, a CLIENT_ONBOARD Task template.

We’re also wondering exactly how customizable tags are, and whether it might be possible to restructure our existing naming convention to be used (for searching purposes) in tags. This would also require applying tags to Projects instead of just tasks.

Short answer: no.
Long answer: you could have a project somewhere with a bunch of different “template task” that you can duplicate. You can also have a project template containing only one task, and once created, you move the task and delete the created project.

There are no tags on projects. But there are custom fields on projects. What do you need to do exactly?