Custom Filed Sort View Automation

Hi All,

I have no idea how to start a new form thread so i’m writing to you.

I think a very useful feature would be to be able to set custom sort fields (possibly saved sort templates required) on the back of updating a custom field.

Since asana has removed the TAG call up feature that gave me visibility of tasks in different projects having a certain tag, asana has become a bit crap for us.

I now need a way to call up the relivant suppliers (all laser cutting suppliers for example) when i add a new order that needs to be placed with that Type of supplier.

This would also show any other tasks that have that custom filed.

Creating a bespoke report is none standard and cumbersome.

It would mean that all relevant tasks would need to be multihomed and ALL supplier related tasks woudl need to be in my order control project

Fundamentally i see this as a way of switching the view based on the commonality between similar tasks and i think would be a very useful automation.


Hi @Giles_Hugo, I’ve made your post public. Tagging @Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman as you has originally tagged in your DM.

Can you say more about this? I’m not aware of any capability that’s been removed regarding tags.

Me neither…

My company has noticed this as well.

We used to be able to pull a tag up to view all associated tasks. It would organize the tasks under projects using sections, where you could also add additional tasks under that section. This week all tasks are together by date, but there is no option to view differently so we can view by project. This has made it harder for us to use as we have tags for clients, not projects.

Is there a way to change the view and organization when going into a tag?


Found this discussion that has more info as to what happened last week: Bring back ability to sorts tasks by project when filtering by Tag


This is also a major issue for us. We’re trying to find a workaround with Custom Fields, but running an Advanced Search/Report for the Custom Field and sorting by Project is a close as we can get - and it’s not good. Results are varied and tasks don’t come in in the correct order.

Nevermind that you can no longer see at a glance if a task has subtasks from the resulting view.