Add field for project

I am owner of project. We have premium subscription. But I can’t add or manage fields for tasks. When I try to click Add field - nothing happened.


You are probably logged in with a guest account and as such you don’t have access to custom field creation. Do you know how to check whether or not this is the case?

Reminder: an org account has an official domain name, anyone without that domain name in their address is a guest

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I have the same problem, there are 3 projects which I’ve created for my clients. 2 of them came with “Task Progress” and “Prority” and the other one doesn’t and I can’t add them.
I click the button for “Add a field” and nothing happens
I would assume that I’m guest but seeing as I created 3 of the projects and only 1 is missing this option, I don’t think that is the issue.

@Annika_Nag my guess is that you pay for Asana only for a team, and that project is not part of the team you pay for.