Problem Creating Custom Fields in Premium Account


@Joe_Trollo @Matt_Bramlage , Gentlemen, can you think of any reason a premium account would get this error message from the signed in user of the account.

And can you confirm that only organization members can create custom fields in an organization project, not guests. My programmer @Mahmudul_Hasan are trying to figure out why the premium account is being viewed as a free account in regards to the API. Thanks for any help.


Hey @James_Carl, my best guess is that it is a guest user trying to modify custom fields. Our premiumness model can admittedly be a bit confusing to reasonable. Here is link to a matrix at the bottom of the custom fields docs that shows access control for custom fields:

Hopefully that helps clarify things.


Actually the Personal Projects was the culprit. This appears to throw off the account type as the API treats as non-premium in a premium. Our best guess.


Hey Jeff,

I think that Custom Fields doc page you linked to is a bit out of date?

It says:

**Note** : Currently Custom Field metadata must be defined in Asana’s user interface before they can be accessed through the API. We will be adding methods to manipulate Custom Field metadata soon.

which isn’t true any more; and also this box is now “Yes”, right?


Hey Phil, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It does need to be updated as the ability to modify custom fields has been added to the API since this was written.