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We’ve created a sandbox developer account as mentioned here ( The reason for creating this sandbox account (instead of our free user account) is for integrating the API of Asana. Recently Asana decided to make custom fields for tasks a premium feature and we thought that creating a developer sandbox will give us access to this premium feature. As the above link states:

An Asana developer sandbox consists of a temporary Asana domain with limited users. It is essentially a standard Asana account where you can test premium features during development.

During the setup of this sandbox account we also had to select the features required:

Despite selecting the premium level that allows custom fields. I am still not able to use these custom fields on this sandbox account.

Are there any other other actions that need to be fulfilled?



Do you get a specific error? To debug your code I could invite you on my own demo account with custom fields.


I basically just get " [402] Custom Field Settings are not available for free users." when requesting project custom fields. When requesting workspace custom fields: “[402] Custom Fields are not available for free users or guests.”

endpoints and respectively


Hi @Ross_Grambo, any thoughts as to what might be happening?

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I know sandboxes are still a fairly manual thing, so I suspect the person that set it up just messed up.

You should email the person who sent you the information and let them know you’re not in premium.

Well the other issue is that there’s no specific contact person.

You can apply for the sandbox account through a form, which just results in a document that needs to be signed. You just sign that and then you get the account. It’s an automatic process. Therefore I’ve posted on the forum here and I’ve sent a message on as this seems to be the only point of contact…

Ah sorry about that. :frowning: Sandboxes are a fairly new thing so the process has been changing.

Could you give me your workspace id? And/or dm message me the email you used to signup?