Adding Custom Fields To Personal Projects

I’m trying to work out why I can add custom fields in my personal section but cannot seem to. We subscribe as an organisation where I’m the CEO and trying to keep personal projects separate from business projects.

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Is this the old “Personal Projects” workspace or something you created yourself? How long have you been an Asana user? Because the old “Personal Projects” has a lot of limitation, I suggest you don’t use it.

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Hi @Tim_Peppiatt! No worries, I’m happy to shed some light on this issue! Your Premium plan only applies to your Organization and do not cover your Personal Project, that explains why you don’t have access to custom fields in this space. As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, Personal Projects are not really flexible; as an example, they don’t support premium features. In fact, in the future we’re planning to depreciate them (you can learn more about it in Why maintain Personal Projects? - #5 by Alexis). Instead, I would suggest to create a brand new Workspace (private to yourself) and to transfer all your tasks using Kothar. In order to use custom fields for this Workspace you would need a premium plan, but you might want to look into tags instead.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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I find the personal projects workspace to be close to worthless without the custom fields functionality.

Is there an existing product request thread about custom fields in personal projects that I can upvote?

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Hello @anon83571892 welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Here is an existing feedback thread for the feature you are interested in Custom Fields in My Tasks
Don’t forget to vote there :slight_smile:

I am the only user of Asana in our company and got 2 seats in our organization since it is the minimum, but it seems the features in that paid plan, are nothing close to the personal workspace that comes with it, like the customs field in my tasks, which is not available in the organization workspace.


It’s actually the opposite - custom fields are not available in the My Tasks in one’s “Personal Projects” workspace, but as of a few months ago they are now available in all other My Tasks for all paid Asana plans. As discussed above, “Personal Projects” should not be used ; it has less features and may be removed in the future.

Sorry @Phil_Seeman . I meant here features of organization workspace does not have the same features of my personal workspace. I was actually hoping that there is also customized field in personal workspace.

Have you found a solution here?

As noted in this thread (and some others in the forum), it’s really not recommended to use Personal Projects as it’s not being developed any more and may go away at some point - it’s a historical relic from initial versions of Asana. For this reason, there aren’t, and I’m pretty sure won’t ever be, custom fields in Personal Projects.

I’m curious what features are in your Personal Projects that are not in your org workspace?

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