No "add custom field" / edit fields button/ability

Hi there,
I’m having issues with adding a custom field. We don’t even have that option and we’re on the premium plan. Really? No ability to customize/edit the names of fields?

Help. It seems like I should have this ability…

@Shelaine_Chu, can you take a screen shot and post it here so that we can see what you are looking at?

Hi @Shelaine_Chu

Are you on an org, enterprise or workspace account?

If enterprise and you are working within a specific team, that team needs to be added in the Admin section to have all the premium features.

Are the CFs you are wanting to edit locked by another user? Are any Asana defaults?

See… no ability to add fields/customize.

Under “My settings” and “account” I see that I’m a member of two organizations. I’ve clicked on both and tried to add custom fields and cannot.

There are Asana defaults in CF but no ability to edit or add.

I’m not sure what is an enterprise account?

You cannot edit the Asana defaults.
You cannot edit CFs that are locked by others

Got it - but that doesn’t explain why I can’t add fields with a Premium account?

Do you have that limitation on all projects?

Could you try creating a new project and seeing if you can add a Custom Field?

Yes. Limitation on all projects… anything new is restricted to same thing - inability to add fields.

You should reach out to for that. Although a screenshot of the issue would help here.

Thanks - I just reached out to support.

BTW, screen shot is above - scroll up :slight_smile:


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Silly question, but I presume you do have Edit access to the project?

Yep. I created the project so can edit (i think that’s what you’re asking?).

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Please do update us with what the issue is. Thanks. Sorry I could not help.

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@Shelaine_Chu, My settings > Account will not discern whether you are a Member (your login is same domain as org) or Guest (your login not same domain as org), only that you have access to the Org/Workspaces.

If you are a Guest that would be the simple explanation of why you don’t have the ability to Add/Edit Custom Fields.


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That may be it…
I’m a member of two organizations. It looks like we started an account before (free, and using our domain) and then finally signed up a paid (premium) account with our legal name. Unfortunately none of us (I even checked with our admin who invited me to Asana when I started at this company) have an email domain with that legal name… so it looks like none of us have access to the the full capabilities of Asana!

In conversation with support and trying to get access. Not sure how though!

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That’s great to know @Shelaine_Chu, and Support will be able to help you get access. Not to get ahead of them, and you should follow through as they recommend, but generally you might follow this approach, I think:

Glad Support is on the case with you.


They told me I need an email address of the legal name… and then I can merge the two accounts. Unfortunately, only the founder has an email with that domain - and really it’s not used. No one else has that email domain as it is not used. Heck, the URL doesn’t even go anywhere.

Trying to find a workaround… ugh. There must be.

Ideally you set up Asana as an Organization (not Workspace) which requires a domain so that you can use the Teams feature as part of the hierarchy.

If you can’t use that domain, you could set up another domain (these are cheap, easy to set up for someone who’s done it, you can manage email aliases and forward to other email addresses, and then use those aliases for Asana logins. My understanding (please confirm with Support) is that then they could merge your new and old domains so anyone using either domain email address is a Member. Again, of course verify with them before setting out on this course. Or maybe there’s an easier one?


Yes - the founder set it up with a domain none of us use.

Yes they can merge… but it’s cumbersome for set up the entire company on another domain and then give it out to everyone and have everyone merge their accounts… must be another way!!!

By the way… thank you :slight_smile:

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