Asana customization - is this possible

Hello - I’m wondering if there is a way when looking at my tasks to create a custom field that is for my benefit not the rest of the company I work at. So when I look at my tasks (and I have a lot …around 50) I would like to have a notes area to the right of each (to the right of the due date and project columns) so I can, at a glance, see where each project stands. I know I can click the tasks and see notes but I want to see all the tasks and notes at one time.


Hello @Jeff_Kjoller custom fields in My Tasks is a well requested feature, have a look here: Custom Fields in My Tasks

I mean a workaround might be to create a project just for your tasks where you multi-home all and then add a custom field there so you can add all your notes?

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Thanks. Looks like there are a lot of Asana user who would like this feature. I’m not sure I understand the workaround you recommended. We have a team who uses Asana so I need it custom to my own tasks page.

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