New Custom Field Type! Use Multi-select to evolve how your team tracks work

Hi Asana Community!

My name is Ben, and I’m a Product Marketing Manager on the team. As teams create and manage their tasks in Asana, one way they organize their work is with custom fields. They help with sorting and filtering your views, but more importantly, they create a standardized way to track what types of work your team is completing. The team has been working on an exciting development that I know many of you have been asking for a while. Starting this week, you can now use Multi-select custom fields on all your tasks and projects!

With this new custom field type, you can create a single field that allows you to select multiple options. Managing a social media campaign and need to note multiple social media platforms on a task? Launching a global sales campaign and need to select multiple target regions? Running a design workflow and need to select multiple sizes for a deliverable? Now you can accomplish all this with Multi-select custom fields and keep a cleaner record of all your teams work.

To add these new fields, you can either click the “+” column on your projects or navigate to the “Customize” menu to find the Custom Fields Library. Choose “Multi-select” in the field type drop down, and start adding all your options. Once you’ve created the field, you can start selecting options on each of your tasks and they’ll show up in your project view.

Note: as you’re creating a new field and plan to use it on other projects, make sure to add the field to your library. (This also helps if you need to report on work across multiple projects!).

And guess what, we’re not stopping there! Over the next few months, we’ll be launching Multi-select custom fields on all parts of Asana, including on Forms, Rules, Portfolios, Status, and more! We’ll update this community post as that new functionality gets rolled out.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. And we’d love to hear how you plan to use Multi-select custom fields with your projects!


Exciting to read!!!


This is so exciting and will be such a helpful tool!! Eventually will we be able to change/update our current custom fields to be multi-select? Currently it only allows creating a brand new custom field, which means re-doing a lot of work and old/archival fields being rendered defunct.


I need heIp! I created a single-select custom field called “Site Section” and then realized that I needed to change it to multi-select. I wasn’t able to update it, so I deleted the field and re-created it with the same name (Site Section) as a multi-select. When I went to customize the project’s form to connect the question with this multi-select field, it said that the Site Section field has already been added to the form, even though it hasn’t. I tried refreshing as well as signing out and signing back in. Can someone help with this?

Great news on the multi-select. Please keep us updated when this function becomes available at the Portfolio Level


Hi @Paige_Steidl, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We don’t have immediate plans to implement the option to convert existing drop-down fields to multi-select fields, this sounds like a good opportunity to create a new request in the #productfeedback category!

@Sarah_Levin sorry to hear you are having issues to update your form! I recommend you deleting the question and re-add it. If the issue persists, please contact our support team so we can investigate further! You can contact them following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

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Hi @Emily_Roman has the query lodged by @Paige_Steidl re convert existing single-select to multi-select been added to the productfeedback as I couldnt see it there and want to vote for it, can you help with a link to it if it exists?


Hi @Natalie4, I just had a look but we still don’t have request for this feature in our #productfeedback category. Feel free to create a new one and share your use case with us so other users can upvote too!

Amazing! This will happen my company a lot.

Looking forward to have it included on the other parts of Asana.

Thank you @Ben_Watkins

That is wonderful to hear!

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Thank you for adding this! It’s good to have an alternative to using tags, especially since multi-select allows for the fields and options to have project-only access.


As others have pointed out, it would be nice to convert existing single-select field options to multi-select. If you feel the same way, vote for this product feature!


Do you have any information on when the values of multi-select fields will be available to use in custom search? Right now, they just don’t show up as options at all.


@Chris_Lahey we’ll be launching Multi-select custom fields on all parts of Asana, including on Forms, Rules, Portfolios, Search, and more, over the next few months!


Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

Great news, you can now use multi-select custom fields on Forms! Connect an existing field to your form, so respondents can select multiple options when answering questions and have these answered reflected in your projects as a multi-select field.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback! :tada:


Looks like this isn’t rolled out to everyone yet, we aren’t able to connect a form field to a multi-select field on our Business account.

Hi @Delphine_Merven, could you try to refresh your browser tab? This feature was just launched and it should be available after the update! Let me know if it works! :slight_smile:

We had to log out and log back in but it’s now working. Thanks

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