New Multi-select Custom Field Type Already Supported Fully in Asana2Go

Just a quick note to say that Asana’s new Multi-select Custom Field type is automatically fully supported in Asana2Go.

This feature is currently available to many Asana users but is still being rolled out gradually so you may not have access yet.

Here’s more about Asana’s new feature:

You can see easily see it in Asana2Go (if it’s been rolled out to you) using the built-in Asana2Go Interactive Tables which shows all of a task’s Custom Field values by default:

And you can use multi-select field values easily in any of your own custom reports in Asana2Go just as you do any other Custom Field value: {{lookup custom_fields_simple 'Social Media'}} displays all the values of the Social Media Custom Field.




I was really excited about this feature but realized that you cannot advance search by any fields with multi-select. When you try to add a custom field in the filters the column that you have multi-select on will not show up. Will this be configured in the future?

Welcome @Alyona_Rybakova,

Just to clarify, what you point out is an Asana limitation currently, not Asana2Go.

But I hope multi-select filters in Asana will be available in the coming months based on this post:

In the meantime, you could use another feature of Asana2Go which allows very robust filtering-as-you-type to achieve this now:



@Ben_Watkins, Just wanted to alert you to the request for multi-select in filters and see if that’s on the horizon specifically with the areas @Emily_Roman listed?



Hello @David_Bukhantsov, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Yeah definitely Asana rules can have different triggers and actions, more info here: Rules • Asana

Here is one example:

Now for this can you please let me know where the source data is and where it would be added/updated to trigger a custom field automatically?