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I created a custom field called Collaborators and then create drop-down options for the list of collaborators. I see that when I use the field, I can only select one option from the drop-down. Is there a way to select more than one from the drop-down list (ie, multi select)? thx

Collaborators is a standard feature in Asana. They can be added at the bottom of each Task.

Not sure why you need a custom field for it? In any case, Custom fields cannot have Multi-select in Asana at the moment.
Here is a thread for it where you can cast your Vote.


@Vaibhav_Khatri I think you provided @Stacy_Zinken the direction that was sought after.

I’m unable to locate the thread but I have seen #productfeedback in the Forum where users (myself included) would benefit from having the task collaborators seen as a column within the list view, similar to tags and projects. You could choose to disable/enable this field as done with other standard Asana components today. It would be really nice to see where individuals were collaborators across a project without having to select into each task or create a report.

I share this because it might tie into what @Stacy_Zinken is ultimately looking to achieve yet isn’t possible in Asana today. With this added column and the ability to then filter via multi-select, it might offer the clarity desired. Now if only I can find that thread… @Emily_Roman or @Marie - have y’all come across the feedback I reference above? If not, I guess I could create a thread, but I swear One exists… :thinking:

Just FYI, Collaborators is an optional column here with Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

You can see the Collaborators for multiple tasks all at once without having to open the Task Detail pane multiple times. And you can filter as you type to see only those tasks with certain Collaborator(s).



Hi @Jerod_Hillard,

I was also convinced we had a #productfeedback thread but can’t get my hands on it. I’ve searched our #productfeedback and read all comments on Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #235 by Katriel_Friedman and We're extending our spreadsheet view to My Tasks! but no luck :sweat_smile:

Could you or @Stacy_Zinken create a new thread in #productfeedback for this request? If we need to, we can always merge it in the future :slight_smile:

Per the above comments, I want to be able to see Collaborators within the table as a column, which is why I created a custom column. The idea would be to have the “assigne” as the primary responsible party and collaborators as those who are providing input/are substantive experts. It’s hard to quickly see this or sort by this right now.

For us, we need a field that quickly identifies standard roadblocks to progress (i.e., needs meeting, needs collaboration, needs research, needs financing/purchase, etc.). Often there are multiple roadblocks to progress, and so only being able to choose one option in the dropdown box limits the field’s usefulness. The only option I can seem to come up with is to duplicate the field multiple times, to essentially have a Roadblock #1, Roadblock #2, Roadblock #3. Obviously roadblocks can be detailed in the task’s card itself and in the question/update section. It could also be done with a text field, but that doesn’t allow for standardization of how a roadblock is described. So for our purposes, it’s very helpful to see these in a custom drop down field.

In using Airtable frequently for the creative side of our production company’s writing team, we have often made use of dropdown fields that allowed for multiple selections. Would be great to have that option with Asana as well.

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Until/if there’s a multi-select custom field, a workaround you didn’t mention is to use tags instead, like #rb1, #rb2, etc. And if you always include an #rb tag as well you can then have a view of all tagged with any roadblock by clicking it (twice).

You could also add a “Multiple roadblocks” option to the existing custom field and then leave it up to another (text) custom field to say which, or put those elsewhere in the task details.

Hope that helps,


I see what you’re saying. But look at it from a creative’s perspective: Let’s say we want to interview Oprah for a segment on one of our shows. But the roadblock’s to that include: 1) a belief that Oprah is impossible to reach; 2) Fear that Oprah’s gatekeepers are difficult/dismissive; 3) needing to ask a favor of an associate that might be crossing a line. Etc. etc. We want to encourage our team (and ourselves) to address the perception/fear based roadblocks, and be able to support each other (and identify for ourselves) what those roadblocks are. Having multi-option drop down boxes, would be very useful in this. And not gunk up our tags with things that are about this very specific sort of issue.

But I do see the usefulness of tags in an aspect of this. It’s just not as useful as it would be (at least in a creative space) where the information that is needed in a field is often multi-pronged and not necessarily as straight forward as door 1, door 2 or door 3. if that makes sense?

I was only offering a workaround, not suggesting that multi-select is not desirable; I’ve already voted for that elsewhere as I recall.

Your examples, though, might almost lend themselves to use of the new Task Template since they’re pretty involved, in case you feel that’s worth looking into so long as you’re using Asana and another more viable option is not yet available.

Much appreciated!

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