Multi-select custom field?



Is it possible to workarounds when I need to have multi-select custom fields?

We have multiple language versions of our site, and since I don’t want to make the project an even bigger one by handling 6 different projects for each language. Any ideas on how to use what Asana has for this? Tags or custom field? I’ve tried both already, but either did the job.

So, the idea is that I can easily sort tasks by custom field: language. Then I can view all projects by the language I want with categories still displayed. This makes it so easy to hop to tasks on a specific language version.

Tags I tried, but there’s no option to filter by tags easily, and i’m also not sure that can you search with more than one tag at once. Either way, i’m trying to avoid making any roundabouts that are too technical for those who don’t really use Asana.

With the custom field, I can’t assign them to subtasks. Multi-select field could work on this, because then I could tag all the language versions needed to the parent task.

Problem is, that most of our translation related tasks are always built by task and the subtasks are for each language. I can’t add a custom field for a subtask, and not using subtasks is not really an option with a big project.

Any ideas?


Multi-select custom fields are coming!


Love that multi-select fields are coming!!!

@Veera_Vuorio - While we don’t use tags for filtering, we make a lot of use of multiple tags in saved searches. In the advanced search, under “Add Filter”:

  • “Has Tags” will search for tasks containing ANY of the tags in your list
  • “Has all of these tags” will search for tasks containing ALL of the tags in your list
  • “Doesn’t have these tags” will search for tasks containing NONE of the tags in your list


Hi, is there an update to this?


Asana folks have not provided any update on this yet.