Multiple select for custom fields

@Kristen_Sherrill I want to step in and offer my opinion. First off, you aren’t wrong - this is #productfeedback that has been around for awhile and a very populate request. You’ll even see above that @Phil_Seeman shares a link where there was a commitment to pursue this feature, but it was shelved due to the overseen amount of engineering required to introduce the feature. While shelved, I personally REALLY hope it is something the team figures out because I absolutely see tremendous value in a multi-select custom field (like you find in Forms)

All that said, I don’t think @Bastien_Siebman was trying to be disrespectful with his remark. I believe he was simply underlining some core values of Asana and not suggesting features like this aren’t valuable.

I also think his comments, along with @lpb’s comments, were more directed towards the more recent post around what Monday offers. Asana (through the use of emojis) can absolutely offer the same experience you shared in the screenshot without having to have a dedicated field to show a check mark. This happens to be different from what this post is suggesting. This post suggests you can see multiple selections from a list within a custom field (something Monday does indeed off)

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This post should only discuss the addition of a checkbox type custom field (a Boolean type).

Please make your requests and comments about being able to select multiple values in one custom field (which could be implemented as multiple checkboxes in a field, or other ways) to:

@Kristen_Sherrill, In case it wasn’t clear, I was just offering a workaround, not making a judgment on this request or on Asana’s decision process, though I know that process is deliberate and thoughtful, even if we don’t always agree with the results.



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Sorry @lpb I misinterpreted what Lynne meant by the comment above.

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I disagree, everyone’s software tool has plus and minus, and this one you are showing doesn’t sway me really. That’s why you have tags, custom fields, and search filters. Asana continues.

Hey, how do you add the Check? Guess I missed something. Thanks.

Hi @Adrienne_McCue, In the Edit Custom Field dialog for the dropdown, where you type the option value, instead of using regular text instead just copy and paste this: :heavy_check_mark:

Hope that helps,


Duh, to me!

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This is nearly a fatal flaw in ASANA Please fix this asap. The integrations mostly have the same issues, are a pain, create security holes and cost money

Lol it has been 3 1/2 years since this request was made.

Asana is a joke.

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Still a desired feature in 2021. I use Asana to handle claims, and I would like to have a field that I can populate with a number of relevant tags like ‘fuses blown’, ‘fans stopped’, ‘burnt component’ etc, in any combination, so that I can make realible statistics and not be dependent on the users free text description of the fault.

Is this in the pipeline at all? This is a serious hurdle and another huge reason I am considering switching my organization.

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Still waiting on this? This is becoming more and more problematic as more of my team is onboarded. One specific scenario, we use Asana to help plan our social content calendar, which we use Sprinklr as our SMM tool. Their custom fields allow us to have a multiselect option. I attempted to replicate that workflow in Asana during our content ideation phase but we cannot accurately report/highlight what our content schedule will look like because of it. How many times do we need to say something before this is addressed?

+1 to this!

Our use case: we want to be able to track multiple customers affected by a feature or task in a controlled way. If we use Tags, we can’t control the inputs and anyone can create any customer name on the fly - which makes it hard to control and filter/organize for.

Having the ability to select check multiple from a dropdown of controlled customer inputs will meet our needs.

Is there a workaround for this other than the following?

  1. Using tags
  2. Duplicating a task and putting all customers affected separately for each respective task

I’d say 3. use multi-homing. Each client gets a project, and a task is multi-homed into each affected client project.

This is a big issue for my department. Really need this as an option.

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This (Boolean, multi select, and greater custom field flexibility) is a key differentiator that will determine whether we expand Asana usage within our organization or not. Surprised this is still not a feature since 2017!

I like Asana thanks to how it makes keeping track of things in excel a thing of the past.

However, the custom scripts in excel that allows for inserting several pre-defined values is very useful in many contexts (in my use case, to identify which departments that are involved in a certain product release and to choose more than one mean of communication to communicate said release), and I’m surprised to see that Asana isn’t providing an option to do this yet.

Please fix this.


Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that we are rolling out Multi-select custom fields in Asana! :ballot_box_with_check:

Multi-select custom fields allow the selection of several values at a time. For example, a Social Media Manager needs to assign different channels to the assets they keep track. This and more use cases will be now possible using multi-select custom fields!

Going forward, you will be able to select “Multi-select” in the Field type when creating new custom fields.

Please note we are gradually rolling out this feature and we hope to implement it to all customers by end of October. If you don’t have access yet, it will be available soon. Thanks for your patience and if you have any feedback or questions please create new requests in the #productfeedback and #tipsandtricks categories! We will be happy to help! :slight_smile: