Custom Fields - Display Value

Hello all,

The API team has added display_value to custom fields.

display_value is a read-only field that will always be a string. For apps that use custom fields, this is a great way to safely display/export the value of a custom field, regardless of its type. We suggest you start using this field in order to future-proof your app for upcoming upgrades to Custom Fields.

For example, if we release a custom field that is a complex list, the value of the custom field might be returned as an array with unique types (["Item 1",2,$3.33]), but the display_value will stay a simple string representation of it, like: "Item 1, 2, $3.33".

We hope this makes your life easier!


Like a multi-select custom field? :grimacing:


We have launched multi-select as a new custom field (great guess @Bastien_Siebman).

As Ross mentioned, we advise developers use the display_value field when reading custom field values. This will help future-proof apps for changes to custom fields (such as this addition of multi-select). For more details, see the custom fields developer docs.

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