Convert existing single-select field to multi-select

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@Paige_Steidl said: “Eventually will we be able to change/update our current custom fields to be multi-select? Currently it only allows creating a brand new custom field, which means re-doing a lot of work and old/archival fields being rendered defunct.”

I would like this too please


Thanks for creating this request, @Natalie4! Hopefully this is something we can implement, I’ll let you know once I have any news.


+1 on this need. Thank you.

+1 on this as well. Thanks.


Another +1. This is especially painful with exiting projects that already use the single-select field and switching to a new multi select field requires manually updating ALL actions (potentially also all completed actions as well if one cares about filtering completed work by this field).

It would be really helpful to be able to edit the Field Type once you’ve created it, for example to be able to switch between single-select & multi-select. At the moment if you’ve set it up as single-select, and then realise you need multi-select, you have to delete the field, create a new one and input all the data again.


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I agree that this would be very helpful.

I recommend upvoting this existing product feedback thread: Convert existing single-select field to multi-select



+1 :slight_smile:


This would be incredibly useful for us.
It would allow us to simplify some of our existing “Single-select” options, without losing all of the precious data that we have been gathering about these fields.

+1 to it :pray:

Hello Product Feedback Team!

I don’t know what it would take to program this on the back end, but when it comes to custom fields - some times teams change their mind about what they want the field type to be e.g. multi-select vs single-select.

Having to delete a custom field and start from scratch and typing in the same input values adds up in time. Even the process of deleting and creating new can be problematic if people forget to delete the field in question, leaving room for duplicates roaming around in the organizations’ fields library.

Don’t know if this enhancement feature is in the works, but I have seen many use-cases in our dept of wanting to convert the field type to another value, but avoiding as it requires more steps than desired.

Thank you in advance for considering this enhancement feature!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @Sanaz_Ebriani! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Convert existing single-select field to multi-select to consolidate feedback. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but hopefully this is something we can make available in the future. We will update the thread if we have any updates!

I would also REALLY like to have this option to adjust the field after it’s created!

Agreed! This is incredibly painful to not have this option! So much manual work back and forth when the team changes its mind.


We are in this situation now and could really use this feature.

+1 to also converting multi to single.

Yes, please, this would be ideal. I had a file that I imported and the system somehow decided what should be text and what should be single-select. Some of what it chose to make single-select doesn’t make sense.