Searching By New People Custom Field


Our team loves the new People custom field. One thing that we wish we could do is be able to use the advanced search to bring up all tasks that are tagged with the person in the custom field. Is this something that Asana is working on?

Welcome, @Ewen_MacKillop,

Asana has confirmed that they are working on adding the new People custom field to rules (see link below), and they generally have follow-on updates for new features to cover more “surfaces” in the Asana UI, so we all hope that will come soon, but nothing official yet.


Maybe I’m not doing it right, but with the new update (which includes the rules for the People fields) you still can’t perform the advanced search. Is it in the roadmap?

I’m having the same issue here. I can’t “SEARCH” on the new “People” fields.

– Both in Advanced Search (they don’t show up)
– And it our “Reports” (they don’t show up)

We really need this for our operations to run smoothly.