New People and Date custom fields?

I’m not seeing the Date and People custom field types in our Asana. Is that only available on certain plans. We are currently on the premium plan.

Hi @EJ_Hermosa,

I moved your question to a new topic as it wasn’t related to the previous topic where it was initially posted.

These fields are available at the Premium level and above. I’m pretty sure these have not yet rolled out to all users - Asana typically rolls out over time to its (large!) user base. @Rebecca_McGrath @Marie is that the case, they’re still being rolled out?

Hi @EJ_Hermosa and @Phil_Seeman Thank you for asking the question! :slightly_smiling_face:
I can confirm that person and date custom fields are fully rolled out. Could you send me the screenshot of the what you are seeing?

On my end, I can see the Date and People option when creating a custom field.

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